CyberSkin Virtual Sex Ultra Cock & Ass

cyberskin-cock-assCyberskin Cock Ass ($279)

With this incredibly realistic Cock Ass Toy, you get as close to the real thing as possible.

Made from famously real CyberSkin, this toy is almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Self-heats in just 10 minutes due to the remarkably advanced design.

Erect but bendable penis allows you to move it to just the angle you want it at.

The hips feel like the real thing as they roll under you, or lay back and take it missionary style.

This is the most advanced and real cock ass sex toy ever made.

Anal Missionary Cyberskin Stroker

anal missionaryAnal Missionary Stroker ($261)

A life size ass and erect cock and balls, all made from ultra realistic CyberSkin.  You can pound the tight ass of this toy in the missionary position.  The anus has a delicious ribbed interior, whilst a unique feature of the toy is that the realistic cock is adjustable.

One of the best cock ass toys that we’ve seen!

Cock and Anus Toy

Cock AnusDoc Johnson Cock and Anus Toy ($130)

Made from the famously realistic UR3 articifial skin material, the astonishingly nuanced design of this cock and ass toy will leave you gasping at its life-like look and feel.

Supported by a very secure suction base, this toy will hold firm no matter how mercilessly you abuse it.

The penis is erect and ready to be ridden.  Be kind though – give it a little suck first!  The tight little asshole is puckered and ripe for fingering or fucking.

An unbelievably realistic cock and ass sex toy for women or gay men.

Ultra-Realistic Cock Ass Toy

fuck my tight assPDX Fuck My Ass Toy ($352)

A firm cute ass with realistic balls that was made for spanking, licking, stretching, and FUCKING!

This is the most sensational new gay sex toy for years.  The skin on this toy is so realistic it’s almost better than the real thing.  And not only is it firm, it is stretchy too, just like real skin. Pull apart those delicious ass cheeks and lick that tight hole and balls before fucking it silly.  This is 15 lbs of authentic Jock stud ass that you can fuck as hard and as often as you want.  Easy to clean, and safer to use than the real thing.  This is the most realistic cock ass toy in the world.

Brent Everett Realistic Cock Toy

Brent EverettBrent Everett Realistic Cock Toy ($33)


An ultra-realistic cock toy modelled on the actual penis of gay porn superstar Brent Everett.  Now you can enjoy for real what millions of gay pornstars have dreamt of for so long.  Brent’s cock is made from realistic SensaFirm skin like material.  It measures over 9″ in length and includes a firm suction cup which is harness compatible.


Hand painted, the skin tone is unbelievably life-like.


A superbly realistic gay cock toy and at a more than realistic price of only $33!

Squirting Realistic Cock Toy

Squirting CockSquirting Cock ($46)

A realistic penis toy that actually squirts cum!  This impressively detailed and life-like cock is 7″ long and comes with a suction cup.  But its real party piece is the toy’s ability to ejaculate cum from its tip.  The Squirting Realisic Cock comes with a recipe to make your own ‘cum’ with, but it’s best to avoid the sugar and simply use something like plain yogurt instead.  A good toy to simulate cum in mouth and facial fun!